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What Is Christmas Really All About?

12-Year-Old Girl Resurrected

KWOW Eyewitness News: Miracle in Jerusalem

Kid’s Club Newscast

My son Jamie and I have been doing newscasts for the Kid’s Club Bible lesson at church on Wednesday evenings. This one is from John 6:1-14. If you have a youngster in your life, bring ’em out to Rozetta at 6:30 on Wednesday night. We’ve been having a great time, and Marci Meyer makes terrific snacks!

Of Course the Rapture Didn’t Happen (But It Will!)

Because of Harold Camping’s false teachings and failed prophecies, we Christians should shut up about the Rapture and Christ’s Return, right?  Wrong!  We should proclaim it with more urgency and conviction than ever before!  A message preached on May 22, 2011 at Rozetta Baptist Church.


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