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A Letter To My Congressman In Defense of DOMA

Dear Congressman Schilling,

In 1996, the duly elected officials of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives passed the Defense of Marriage Act by strong margins (85-14 and 342-67, respectively). President Clinton, in turn, signed it into law.

Though a federal judge wrongly ruled last year that the act is unconstitutional, that decision is under appeal. This means, of course, that the President is still obligated to enforce DOMA it until the appellate process is exhausted. Yesterday, however, President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced that the US Department of Justice will no longer legally defend Section 3 of DOMA, the section that defines marriage for federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman. In an obvious and disappointing effort to pander to his political base, President Obama has arbitrarily concluded that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. I find this politicization of the Justice Department positively reprehensible.

I am appealing to you, my elected representative, to apply your own congressional authority to independently defend the Defense of Marriage Act in federal court. The President and the Justice Department clearly have no interest in preserving this sacred institution, and President Obama has abandoned his constitutional role to defend federal laws enacted by Congress. I beg you to do what he won’t.

As a pastor, I consider DOMA’s Section 3 to be a vital legal protection for me. It preserves the right of individual states to govern themselves with respect to family-related laws and policies. It is also a potent impediment to judicial activism.

Congressman, I would surrender my church, my ministry, my property, my liberty, and even my life before I would solemnize or officially recognize any union that flies in the face of the Bible’s definition of marriage. The President’s action – or rather, inaction – is a step closer to a day when Bible-believing pastors who refuse to perform same-sex ceremonies will face civil and even criminal penalties for our unwillingness to compromise on the Word of God. While that is a price that I’m prepared to pay, Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act is a valuable precedent that bolsters my own defense against ever having to make such a choice. It should be preserved and I am counting on you and your colleagues to do just that.

Thank you for your service to our great republic. May God bless you.


Pastor Jim Bennett

"We don't like this particular law, so, um, tough noogies."

Missy’s Adventure

My wife Missy recently broke her foot. A recent trip to Wal-Mart required the use of a motorized wheel chair. Hilarity ensued.

SB 136: They’re from the government; they’re here to help you.

Thanks to Gay Martin and the Illinois Family Institute for sounding the warning about a new and ridiculous attempt on the part of state government to meddle in private education.

The IFI’s release:

Bill to Require Parents to Register Their Children with State

SB 136 has been proposed in the Illinois General Assembly by State Senator Edward D. Maloney (D-Chicago) that will affect all children in non-public schools, including home schools.

If SB 136 were to pass, it would compel all parents or legal guardians of home or privately schooled students to register with the state. Registration that is now voluntary would become mandatory

TAKE ACTION: Contact Sen. Maloney and ask him to drop this unwarranted expansion of government into the private lives and affairs of good Illinois citizens.

Here is what I wrote to Senator Maloney and my own State Senator, John M. Sullivan:

I am writing to express my vehement opposition to SB 136.  For years, my wife and I have enjoyed remarkable freedom to educate our children at home in Illinois.  This sudden and unnecessary measure is clearly a step toward increased government regulation of private education.

After seeing what government paternalism has done to public education, and after witnessing the positive academic and developmental results from homeschooling, I am stunned that anyone feels such a policy would be necessary.

I recognize that there are certain things government can do well; conversely, there are areas where government’s intrusive regulatory presence is disastrous.  Education is a prominent item among many in the latter category.

Please drop this matter and focus your valuable time and energy on something that actually needs your attention, like reducing our tax burden.


Pastor Jim Bennett

If you would like to send an email of your own about this, click here.  Select the “take action” button.

The Home School Dad blog has a great article on the topic;  click here.

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