Come visit our new family blog!

Each entry represents, in text and video, another day of our quest to avoid electronic amusement/distraction.  Here’s a sample:


Jim’s update:

Sam’s fourth birthday!  My baby turns four.

You know, he has another special day coming up: September 6th.  That’s the anniversary of his arrival in our home.  Sam and Mercy (PeeWee) both came to us as foster children; social workers brought Mercy to us on October 4th, 2005, when she was six weeks old, and Sam arrived almost a year later, just three days after his birth.

Both had been born drug-exposed; they were so frail and sickly. Missy and I watched and prayed over them, waiting and working for indications that they would grow stronger and thrive.  God has worked mightily to bring them past a variety of developmental delays and, as the video shows, our sweet Lord has strengthened and blessed them so phenomenally that one would never guess they had ever been afflicted in any way.


In today’s video, Missy and I discuss an unavoidable encounter with a couple of televisions during Sam’s birthday lunch.  Good heavens, those screens wield remarkable power to draw a person’s attention.  We got through it, though.

A pleasant time was had by some.

Thanks to all of you who have visited the blog and shared the link on your Facebook pages.  Our stats indicate that visits on Day Two nearly doubled from the Day One total.

Our prayer is that our little experiment here would encourage other families to undertake a similar challenge.  After just three days, I can honestly say that I’m seeing a positive change in myself and in our family.  We’re enjoying each other more, the children are bickering less, and Missy and I have been more engaged as parents.  I’ve also been more productive as a pastor and writer, and I pray that continues.  If you’re considering it, I hope you’ll give it a try and share your experiences with us!

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